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As a popular Tianjin tours operator, the key benefit of Catherine Guo's Tianjin Tours is that you will be a part of the city, you will be one of the locals in all of our Tianjin tours. We believe that is an excellent way to experience culture & food in a new place. In the meantime you will always be well cared for by a friendly and supportive local guide throughout your whole tour.

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Come Eat With Us
Tianjin Day Tour
Location: Rome, Italy
Live like a local for one day.Tianjin is well-known as a place where the locals live with a slow pace. They love food, keeping the traditional life style and live positively
Tianjin Food Tour
Location: Rome, Italy
One of the best ways of experiencing a city is through its food. Often times our most lasting memories involve not what we saw but what we ate and where we ate it